Is the Koran 100% Allah's Word,or are Muhammad's Words also in it?

Suppose Hindus and Christians believed:

1.That the Hindu Scriptures or NT were 100% God’s words,not a single word from a human.

2.That the Hindu Scriptures or NT said explicitely that nobody could ALTER or CHANGE the words of the text.

3.And that Hindus and Christians believe their text had been 100% preserved,that NO MAN’S words have been ADDED.

If you were to find a PART in the Hindu Scriptures or NT where it is the words of a MAN,then you can say to me:”Look,this shows the text is NOT the word of God,HUMAN WORDS have been added.So I REJECT your religion.”

The Case of Sura 27:91-92:

I have read all of SURA 27 and I know that many times the Koran has the word “SAY” followed by something from Allah.


SURA 27:89-90

” Those who bring good works will receive far better rewards, and they will be perfectly secure from the horrors of that day.  As for those who bring evil works, they will be forced into Hell. Do you not get requited for what you did? “
FROM ALLAH’S WORDS TO MOHAMMED’S WORDSThere above it is Allah speaking,obviously but then in SURA 27:91-92 we have a Man’s Words,in fact,those of Mohammed:
The Text
Sura 27:91-92:
” I  (NOTE:Mohammed ) am simply commanded to worship the LORD (NOTE: Reb in Arabic,that is to say ALLAH) of this town.HE (NOTE:Allah) has made it a safe sanctuary  and HE (NOTE:Allah)possesses all things.

I (NOTE:Mohammed) am commanded to be a submitter. And to recite the Koran.
And to recite the Quran. ”


Sura 27:92-93:

“Whoever is guided is guided for his own good, and if they go astray, then SAY (NOTE: you,Mohammed,say ), “I am simply a warner.”
And SAY (NOTE:you,Mohammed,say ), “Praise be to GOD; He will show you His proofs, until you recognize them. Your Lord is never unaware of anything you do.”
Again we have:
Notice 27:91-92 begins as ” I am simply commanded to WORSHIP the LORD…” It does not seem logical for God to say he has been ORDERED by anybody to WORSHIP God.

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