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In the news : christians persecuted by muslims inNigeria

I watched the news regarding the recent and on-going spate of violence in Nigeria in Jos state the ‘middle belt’ of the country. Reports say at least 500 Christians have been killed by rampaging Muslims wielding machetes and knives. The sickening slaughter, which had it been happening in the west or America would be headline news and surely condemned. What you have is a series of attempts by Muslims, reports say, to drive out and eradicate the Christians starting from the mainly Islamic north moving southward.
In an article from 26 July 2009 where coordinated attacks spread across 12 states, ‘Islamist militants targeted Christians and police setting fire to churches and homes of local Christians. 5 police officers and 12 Christians have been confirmed dead.’ The article goes on to say 2 Christian pastors were beheaded, Sabo Yakubu a father of 7. The other, George Orjih, whose words i hope to never forget, as he awaited execution along with another person who survived the massacre were; “If you survive, tell my brothers that i died well, and am living with Christ. And if we all die, we know that we die for the Lord.”
Now some may say these are just criminals out on a rampage who so happen to be Muslim, and Islam should not be blamed in any way for these atrocities. This brings the law of Sharia into focus and what really is behind the continued acts of bloodshed and murder. Sharia is an Arabic word meaning “path” or “way”. Nowadays it is used to mean “Islamic law”, the detailed system of religious law developed by Muslim scholars in the first 3 centuries of Islam. It covers every area of life and does not separate between secular and religious spheres.It provides a framework of dos and don’ts, rituals and rules within which a Muslim leads his or her life.
A non-Muslim living in an Islamic state will come under this law. If they are Jew or Christian they will be given the ‘privilege’ of ‘Dhimmis’ which means by paying the Jizyah, which amounts to nothing more than a protection racket, they can live ‘IN HUMILIATION’ as Dawood translates it in S:9v29. This is Islam as the Quran means it. This is what Muhammad wanted for the world, 7th century Arabian culture Muhammad style. This is the ‘peace’ these Muslims are fighting for in the name of Allah!

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Muhammad found in Taurat & Injeel’? Great claims demand great evidence!


S:7v157. “Those who follow the Apostle,
The unlettered Prophet,
Whom they find mentioned
In their own (Scriptures),—
In the Law and the Gospel;—

S:61v6. And remember, Jesus,
The son of Mary, said:
“O Children of Israel!
I am the apostle of God
(Sent) to you, confirming
The Law (which came)
Before me, and giving
Glad Tidings of an Apostle
To come after me,
Whose name shall be Aḥmad.”

These are two quotes from the Quran which Islam claims as proof that there are predictions in the Holy Bible fore-telling the coming of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam.
Let us examine these. But first a further quote from sura 7v186;’ Those whom Allah sendeth astray, there is no guide for them. He leaveth them to wander blindly on in their contumacy’ (stubborn disobedience).

In the Holy Bible, St.John chapters 14,15,16, Jesus tells His disciples that after He left, He would ’send the Spirit of Truth’, ‘Whom the world cannot receive’, ‘Who would dwell in you’ and ‘be with you forever.’ He is called Another Comforter, the Holy Ghost or the Holy Spirit, Who can be blasphemed (Matthew 12v31). Does this sound like a man?
Islam will claim Muhammad was indeed ‘the Holy Ghost’! We would ask, how can a man be a Ghost!?
In the Pickthall ‘Explanatory Translation’, S:61v6 reads;
‘And when Jesus son of Mary said: O Children of Israel! Lo! I am the messenger of Allah unto you, confirming that which was (revealed) before me in the Torah, and bringing good tidings of a messenger who cometh after me, whose name is the Praised One(2).Yet when he hath come unto them with clear proofs, they say: This is mere magic’.
In footnote no’2, as regarding the ‘praised one’, we read; “Ahmad, a name of the prophet of Arabia. The promised ‘Comforter’ was believed by many Christian communities of the east to be a prophet yet to come, and most of them accepted Muhammad as that prophet.”
This ,of course is Islamic propaganda and can not be proven. However, it is quite clear that Pickthall and Islam hold to this claim that Muhammad was ‘the Comforter’, the ‘Holy Ghost’.
But when reading the Quran we see a striking thing. In footnote 3 when commenting on S:2v87 as regards the identity of the Holy Spirit, Pickthall, one of the most reputable translators of the Quran, if you read the introduction, states; “The Holy Spirit’ is a term for the angel of revelation, Gabriel (on whom be peace)!!! So, was Muhammad the angel Gabriel? It does not say ‘a Holy Ghost’, but ‘The Holy Ghost’. What a confusion! To say he was not the angel Gabriel would be to deny what the Quran says,but to insist Muhammad was “the Comforter”, “the Holy Ghost”, “the Holy Spirit” is absurd and confusing. How can a man be the angel who supposedly brought the Quran to him!!!?
But there’s more. In sura 19 and sura 66, we read about the miraculous birth of Jesus. The Quran says that it was by the Holy Spirit that Jesus was put into Miriam’s womb. Are we to understand that “the Comforter”, “the Holy Spirit”, Muhammad (as Islam insists) was the father of Jesus!!! This is the logical conclusion one comes to when taking all these accounts into consideration.

S:18v57;Verily We
Have set veils over their hearts
Lest they should understand this,
and over their ears, deafness.
If thou callest them
To guidance, even then
Will they never accept guidance.

S:35v8; Is he, the evil of whose deeds is made fairseeming unto him so that he deemeth it good, (other than Satan’s dupe) ? Allah verily sendeth whom He will astray, and guideth whom He will;
Muslims must accept the god they worship will mislead them if allah so wishes to. We however, will accept what the Holy Bible says about God, that He is not the author of confusion. He is long-suffering and patient towards us, not willing for any to perish but that all should come to the knowledge of Truth and repent believing in the Lord Jesus unto everlasting life.

S:28v15;He said:.. “This is a work
Of Evil (Satan): for he is
An enemy that manifestly

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Debate between David Wood & Ali Ataie

Watched the debate between David Wood & Ali Ataie. As i suspected the same old arguments were brought out by Ataie, some of which i shall focus on in my next post. It was interesting Ataie’s referring to Karen Armstrong’s comment, “Muhammad is the only historical Prophet.” I wonder why he used this quote, especially when it goes against Islamic beliefs. However, i have experienced Muslims who are so wanting to attack Christianity they start fighting against their Sources forgetting that they need the Bible as a foundation for Islam!

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Why Mohammed is a False Prophet According to Judaism

The argument is simple.According to Judaism if somebody says he is a prophet and says something that goes AGAINST Judaism then he is a FALSE prophet.Simple.

But first of all

Here is the part Muslims say refers to Mohammed:

Deutoronomy 18:17-19:

“The LORD said to me: “What they say is good.I will raise up for them a PROPHET like YOU(Moses) from among THEIR BROTHERS(Note:the Jews); I will put my words in his mouth, and he will tell them everything I command him.If anyone does not listen to my words that the prophet speaks in my name, I myself will call him to account.”


Muslims say the word BROTHERS means ARABS since in Hebrew the word can mean RELATIVES and Jews and Arabs both descend from Abraham.There are arguments against this but taking the MINIMALIST position EVEN IF “brothers” means “Arabs”,according to Judaism,Mohammed was still a FALSE prophet.


The words that immediately follow are,Deuteronomy 18:20:

“But a PROPHET who presumes to speak in my name ANYTHING I have NOT commanded him to say, or a prophet who speaks in the name of other gods, must be put to death.”

In other words he is a fake.

Kissing the Black Stone

Mohammed approved as part of the religion of Islam the making of a pilgrimage to Mecca called the HAJ.It is a RELIGIOUS ceremony in honor of Allah where the people had to KISS a BLACK STONE.Remember,it’s part of a religious ritual where pilgrims go around the black stone(in honor of Allah) seven times.Verify:



It is Idolatry

Ask any rabbi and he will tell you that according to Jewish thinking such an action is idolatry.Since Mohammed approved of it he was no prophet.

What the Koran says

It disapproves of having/using a stone in an symbolical sense,so it appears to contradict Mohammed’s action:

Sura 5:90:

“O you who believe! Intoxicants and gambling,stones, and (divination by) arrows, are an abomination,of Satan’s handwork:leave it, that you may prosper.”


Whatever the case,what Mohammed did proves,for a Jew,that he was no prophet.

A good suggestion

Mary Jo SHARP,is a brilliant debater in defense of Christianity.She has had only 2 debates,both with Muslims.Her website is:


Here is her debate with Tabassum Hussain,of the “Muslim Debate Initiative” on “Women in the Bible and Quran”:


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