In the news : christians persecuted by muslims inNigeria

I watched the news regarding the recent and on-going spate of violence in Nigeria in Jos state the ‘middle belt’ of the country. Reports say at least 500 Christians have been killed by rampaging Muslims wielding machetes and knives. The sickening slaughter, which had it been happening in the west or America would be headline news and surely condemned. What you have is a series of attempts by Muslims, reports say, to drive out and eradicate the Christians starting from the mainly Islamic north moving southward.
In an article from 26 July 2009 where coordinated attacks spread across 12 states, ‘Islamist militants targeted Christians and police setting fire to churches and homes of local Christians. 5 police officers and 12 Christians have been confirmed dead.’ The article goes on to say 2 Christian pastors were beheaded, Sabo Yakubu a father of 7. The other, George Orjih, whose words i hope to never forget, as he awaited execution along with another person who survived the massacre were; “If you survive, tell my brothers that i died well, and am living with Christ. And if we all die, we know that we die for the Lord.”
Now some may say these are just criminals out on a rampage who so happen to be Muslim, and Islam should not be blamed in any way for these atrocities. This brings the law of Sharia into focus and what really is behind the continued acts of bloodshed and murder. Sharia is an Arabic word meaning “path” or “way”. Nowadays it is used to mean “Islamic law”, the detailed system of religious law developed by Muslim scholars in the first 3 centuries of Islam. It covers every area of life and does not separate between secular and religious spheres.It provides a framework of dos and don’ts, rituals and rules within which a Muslim leads his or her life.
A non-Muslim living in an Islamic state will come under this law. If they are Jew or Christian they will be given the ‘privilege’ of ‘Dhimmis’ which means by paying the Jizyah, which amounts to nothing more than a protection racket, they can live ‘IN HUMILIATION’ as Dawood translates it in S:9v29. This is Islam as the Quran means it. This is what Muhammad wanted for the world, 7th century Arabian culture Muhammad style. This is the ‘peace’ these Muslims are fighting for in the name of Allah!

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