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Why David Strauss,Skeptical German NT Scholar,would Reject Shabir Ally's Theory that Jesus Swooned on the Cross

Shabir Ally is the best Muslim debater and he says Jesus did not die on the cross,but fainted.

Resurrection for a Jew

It meant that even if the person had been badly wounded he would be able to walk,jump,run like a normal person,even with wound scars.If not , if the man or woman was alive but very weak,they wouldn’t have considered it a resurrection,he had fainted in crucifixion,was unconscious.But if resurrected,even with scars,he would jump and run.

For Example

If a Jewish soldier:

1.Who had been thought dead in battle,with scars and wounds

2.Then 2 days later they found he was still alive,barely but alive

3.They would have said it was survival,not a resurrection.

About David Strauss

He was a German scholar,a skeptic  (1808-1874) who wrote a famous “Life of Jesus” in 1835. In that book he said Jesus was not God and never did any miracles.

In 1835 he put the nail on the swoon theory to which Shabir holds.He knows all this,in his 20 years of research.Strauss said if Jesus had survived his disciples,seeing him almost dead,would not  have thought of it as a resurrection but as a survival.History shows they did think of a resurrection.

The Jesus Seminar(the most radical NT group)holds to a resurrection belief by the disciples.Realizing the validity of David Strauss’ argument  and also other technical reasons skeptical,atheistic,agnostic,Jewish scholars accept Jesus’ death.

The atheist NT scholar of Germany,it’s most famous one,Gerd Ludemann has called the death of Jesus an INDISPUTABLE FACT,a position held by the Jesus Seminar.Shabir Ally is not one who in his research “goes where the evidence leads” but is trying to convince Islam is true even when the evidence is against him.


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