Is the Koran in Favor of having Pre-Puberty Wives?

The argument is yes based on SURA 65:4.SURA 65 is called AL-TALAQ(the divorce).It begins as 65:1:”Oh prophet,when you DIVORCE women divorce them at the prescribed period and count the period.”

SURA 65:4:
“And for such of your women as:
1. DESPAIR of MENSTRUATION(NOTE:have MENOPAUSE), IF YOU have DOUBT, their period (of waiting) will be 3 MONTHS.
2.And with THOSE who have NOT menstruated.
3.And for those who are PREGNANT, their period (NOTE:of wait till the DIVORCE)will be till they give birth.”


If the husband DOUBTS the MENOPAUSE wife is really in menopause,wait 3 MONTHS.Why?To see if her stomach get big due to PREGNANCY.
If he doubts the wife does not menstruate(for a PREPUBESCENT wife,like 6,7,8 years of age),wait 3 MOTHS.To see if she is really NON-MENSTRUATING.
Here’s as it’s put by 3 MUSLIM translators(PICKTHAL was a British convert/plus YUSUFALI,SHAKIR):

NOTE:there are arguments against this interpretation but they can’t prove 100% sura 65:4 does NOT apply to PRE-PUBERTY wives.More to come.


MARY JO SHARP is a very intelligent Christian who answers such questions in her blog:

Here is the well-written answer:


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3 responses to “Is the Koran in Favor of having Pre-Puberty Wives?

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  2. debora

    we all know what islamic false prophet did with aisha , so his sunnah answers us this question as far as i am concerned. needless to say, its hard to digest this fact in the 21st century so muslims have to start finding all kinds of excuses, eventhough these stuff are well documented in sunnah and tafseers. but hey, to me islam has to be thoroughly changed, that is to say, reinterpreted bc its not in concordance with basic human rights. so ill clap to muslims if they re ashamed of this part of their religion and want to erase it as some bad dream, but i am not sure that their god and prophet are happy with their intentions.

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