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The Koran Says the Sun Literally Sets in a Muddy Spring

Sura 18 has a man called Two-Horned or Dhul-Qarnain (which most think refers to Alexander the Great,who was represented with 2 horns in coins) as going to where the SUN SETS.It literally says he found the place.

Read this article about it


I do Not Believe You

Then read sura 18:83-86:

” They ask you concerning DHUL-QARNAIN(two-horned). Say, “I will recite to you something of his story.”
Truly We established his power on earth, and We gave him the ways and the means to all ends.And he followed a road

Till, when HE(NOTE:Two-Horned) REACHED the SETTING-PLACE of the SUN, HE(NOTE:Two-Horned) FOUND it SETTING in a MUDDY SPRING, and found a people thereabout. We said:” Oh,DHUL-QARNAIN! Either punish or show them kindness.””

The Key Words


It says:

1.Two-Horned REACHED it.What?The place where the sun sets:a muddy spring.

2.It confirms with he FOUND it.What?The place were the sun sets:a muddy spring.Clear text.

It is Unscientific

You can NOT reached the place where the sun sets.Why?It does not set(it appears to)but it’s that the earth goes around the sun,not the sun moving.
(but Muslims translators show the text is clear):

English Translations by Muslims (PICKTHAL,British convert/SHAKIR/YUSUFALI)





French Translation by a Muslim


It has: ATTEINT(reached)/le COUCHANT(place where sun sets).How do you know?In French and English Lebanon-Syria is often called the LEVANT(place where sun RISES,it rises in the EAST)/TROUVA(trouver=”to find”)/SOURCE BOUEUSE(liter.:muddy source).

Life after Death?Is there any Evidence?

Dinesh D’Souza is a Christian who debates atheists alot(Christopher Hitchens,Dan Barker,etc).He is in youtube.He wrote “What’s so Great about Christianity?”  for atheists(very easy to read,great style)

Then he wrote “Life after Death:the Evidence”.Here he talks about that book :



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What is His Name?

It is the contention by Islam that Allah and the God of the Bible are different Gods.

‘Prophet Moses in Hebrew called Him, Eloha.
‘Prophet Jesus in Aramaic called Him, Alaha.
‘Prophet Muhammad in Arabic called Him, Allah.
‘There is none worthy of worship but Allah and Prophet Muhammad is the last and Final Messenger of Allah.”

The above statement is largely a matter of Muslim propaganda, not the result of careful scholarly study and not promoted by reputable Muslim scholars. Furthermore it is contrary to the revelation God gave through Moses, the rest of the Prophets and His final revelation in and through Jesus Christ.
Is the One Moses was told to call ‘I AM,’ and the One Jesus cried out to from the cross, “Eli, Eli, why have You forsaken Me?” the same as the Allah of Islam? Or is Allah altogether different?
What of those Christians in Arab lands who in their Bibles read ‘Allah’ for the name of God! S:29.46 says, “our God and your (Jews & Christians) is one.” If so, why all the fighting?

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L'Ancien Testament dit que le Messie sera Yahve en personne

Les usages linguistiques changent.AVANT en hebreu:
1.On prononce le nom de Dieu,YAHVE (jusqu’au 3ieme siecle avant Jesus).Pas aujourd’hui.On a substitue le mot Yahve par le mot ADONAI(“le Seigneur”).
2.On nommait des autels et meme la ville de Jerusalem avec le nom Yahve comme partie integrante(GEN 22:14/EXOD 17:15/JUGES 6:24/JEREMIE 33:16/EZECHIEL 48:35)

Les juifs n’ont JAMAIS,jamais,jamais nomme un etre humain YAHVE.

Si un JUIF nomme son enfant avec le nom YAHVE comme partie integrante,comme ELIYAHVE(mon Dieu est Yahve) c’est un blaspheme.
C’est comme si un MUSULMAN nomme son enfant ALLAHUAKBAR(Dieu est Grand)/ ALLAHURAHMAN(Dieu est Misericordieux)/ ALLAHUKAMAL(Dieu est Parfait).

JEREMIE 23:5-6
C’est sur le MESSIE,les rabbins sont d’accord:
“Voici, les jours viennent, dit YAHVE,où je susciterai à DAVID un germe juste(NOTE:un descendant de David);il régnera en ROI et prospérera, il pratiquera la justice et l’équité dans le pays.
En son temps, Juda sera sauvé, Israël aura la sécurité dans sa demeure; Et voici le NOM dont on l’appellera:YAHVE TSIDKENU(Yahve notre justice).”

Le messie est Yahve,c’est direct.L’usage linguistique des juifs l’indique.


Pourquoi?Les rabbins sont d’accord que le MESSIE sera un descendant du roi DAVID:

DESCENDANT DE ISAI(pere du roi David):ESAIE 11:1-2.Dans 1 SAMUEL 16:1-13 il y a l’histoire que Isai etait le pere de David.

(Pour la Bible en francais,et beaucoup d’autres langues):

Comme le messie serait un DESCENDANT d’un homme(David) et en meme temps YAHVE,c’est pas possible qu’il ait un pere biologique.La naissance d’une vierge est implique.

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The OT says the Messiah will be Yahweh

Language usage changes with time.In Hebrew, before, not today,but before it was:

1.Common to pronounce the word Yahweh (till the 3rd century BC).

Not today,the word Yahweh has been substituted by the word Adonai(Lord).

2.Altars and even the city of Jerusalem were given names with the integral name of God,which is Yahweh:

Genesis 22:14

Exodus 17:15

Judges 6:24

Jeremiah 33:16

Ezekiel 48:35

But not today,never at all.


The Jews have NEVER,never,never named their children Yahweh this or Yahweh that.

The Equivalent

If a JEW named his child using the complete name of God,YAHWEH,like in Eli-Yahweh(my God is Yahweh)it would be blasphemy.

It would be saying the human being is God Incarnate,Yahweh himself.

It is as if a Muslim named his child:

Allahu-Akbar (God is Great)

Allahu-Rahman (God is Merciful)

Allahu-Kamal (God is Perfect)

They never give Allah as a personal name.What they do is give,as a name:

Abdul-Allah:slave of Allah

Abdul-Rahman:slave of the Merciful,etc

What Jews do when Naming Children

Then and today:

Jews use a “portion”and I repeat,a portion of Yahweh’s name as part of a Jews’ personal name.

Eli-jah is a compresion of Eli-Yahweh,or “Yahweh my God”

The Messiah as Yahweh

Jeremiah 23:5-6:

It is about the Messiah,the rabbis agree on this:

” “The days are coming,” declares YAHWEH:

1.”When I will raise up to David a righteous Branch (Note:a descendant of king David)

2.A  king who will reign wisely and do what is just and right in the land.
In his days Judah will be saved and Israel will live in safety.

3.This is the name by which he will be called:Yahweh Tsidkenu (Yahweh our Righteousness).

That Implies a Virgin Birth

Why?The rabbis agree the Messiah will be descended from king David.

Where it says the Messiah will descend from David

It is in:

Jeremiah 23:5-6

Jeremiah 33:14-18

A Descendant of Jesse(father of king David)

It is in Isaiah 11:1-2.In 1 Samuel 16:1-13 is the whole story of Jesse and his son David.

Since the Messiah will:

1.Be a descendant of a man,king David

2.And be Yahweh at the same time

3.He can’t have a biological father.So a virgin birth is implied.

(For the Bible in English and alot of other languages):


What Moses did regarding names

In Exodus it is Moses who names an altar,an inanimate thing, with the name of Yahweh

But he did NOT dare call a human being with the name of Yahweh

Numbers 13:16

“These were the names of the men whom Moses sent to spy out the land.

And Moses called Hoshea the son of Nun, Joshua.”

Notice Moses changed Hoshea’s name to Joshua,which has a part of the name of Yahweh,but not its entirety.

Great Website: Messiahtube (like youtube)

It has videos of “Jesus or Muhammad”also:


Is the Case for APOLLONIUS of Tyana as Good as that of Jesus’?

Many skeptics point to his case.He was a 1st century AD pagan teacher,with a reputation for miracles.A great website that treats this and more is:


A Good overview:


Tektonics Articles on APOLLONIUS:


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Le Coran est-il pour le mariage des jeunes filles pré-pubères?

On dirait que oui basé sur la SOURATE 65:4.La SOURATE 65 s’appelle AL-TALAQ(le divorce).Cela commence ainsi,65:1:” Ô Prophète ! Quand vous répudiez les femmes, répudiez-les conformément à leur période d’attente prescrite; et comptez la période.”


“Si vous avez:
1.Des DOUTES à propos (de la période d’attente) de vos femmes qui N’ESPERENT PLUS AVOIR DE REGLES, leur délai est de 3 MOIS.
2.De même pour celles qui n’ont pas encore de règles.
3.Et quant à celles qui sont enceintes, leur période d’attente se terminera à leur accouchement.”

La traduction musulmane ici dit “encore”(“qui n’ont pas encore de regles”)mais en arabe le “encore” n’est pas present.Mais il y a des bonnes raisons pour l’interpreter ainsi.L’accent est sur si la femme est ENCEINTE.


1.Si un mari DOUTE que la femme est vraiment dans la MENOPAUSE,qu’on attend 3 MOIS.Pourquoi?Pour voir si son estomac devient GROS a cause d’etre ENCEINTE.

2.S’il doute que la femme est vraiment SANS MENSTRUATION(le cas d’une femme qui a 6,7,8,11 ans),qu’on attend 3 MOIS.Pour voir si elle est enceinte.

NOTE:il y a des arguments contre cette idee,mais ils ne peuvent pas convaincre a 100% que 65:4 ne fait pas reference aux filles qui n’ont pas encore eu la menstruation.On dira plus a l’egard sur ces contre-arguments des musulmans.

“Le coran est un livre de guerre”(2006)regarde a youtube par plus de 141.000.
C’est son avis,du philosophe francais ALAIN FINKIELKRAUT.Oui,il est pour l’existence d’Israel et juif,et quoi?Il est modere,il est raisonnable,mais il est hai par beaucoup de musulmans,on ne sait pas pourquoi.


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Just a thought

The silver rose coin

“Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished: but he that gathereth by labour shall increase.”

I was reading some literature on fiat currency and it reminded me of this scripture from proverbs. you can only create true wealth from hard work, any other way will not stand, such as fractional reserve, digital, out of thin air, no work required money. Today we are seeing the effects of “wealth gotten by vanity” certainly diminishing and the only real way to heal the situation is for honest weights of gold and silver (that people have worked hard for) to be re established as units of money.

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