200th South Park episode featuring Mohammed, the prophet of Islam


It’s some excerpts from the 200th episode of South Park, which has just gone out. (The YouTube account shows it in mirror image, for some reason.) In it, the league of “super best friends” – that is the founders of all the world’s major religions – appear again. With one exception: Mohammed, who is not allowed to be seen. “The world has changed”, Jesus tells the kids. But the nature of Mo’s superpower soon becomes clear and a group of celebrities, including Tom Cruise, decide that they want it too. And what is the special power? That no one is allowed to criticise him.

Here is another video where South Park co-creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker speak with Boing Boing’s Xeni Jardin about the 200th episode of the hit Comedy Central series, and plans to revisit battles over the boundaries of what can and cannot be done on television — including how many celebrities they can piss off in a single episode, and whether Comedy Central will stop them from showing the image and voice of a cartoon version of the Muslim prophet Mohammed.

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