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Again on Jesus and the Death Penalty

I had written before on this.Here I make one part clearer,which I think was not that well done:


“MATT 15:1-9 shows Jesus was REBUKING the PHARISEES because they had de facto NULLIFIED the Mosaic law of “death for he who curses his parents.”

The Pharisees and others had done it,no application of the death law for some 12 cases in Mosaic law.

MATTHEW 15:1-9:

“Then some PHARISEES and TEACHERS of the LAW came to Jesus from Jerusalem and asked,”Why do your disciples break the TRADITION of the ELDERS? They don’t wash their hands before they eat!”


Jesus replied, “And why do you BREAK the COMMAND of God for the sake of YOUR TRADITION(Oral Law)?

For God said, ‘Honor your father and mother’and ‘Anyone who curses his father or mother must be put to death.'”


Muslims argue Jesus rebukes them for breaking 2 Mosaic laws:honor parents/ death for he who curses them.Here Jesus just MENTIONS those 2 laws,they existed.So Jesus says,for them:”Kill children who curse parents.”


It says COMMAND of God,NOT commandments(plural).Jesus is REBUKING them because they BROKE ONE law by their TRADITION(they broke “honor parents”)


We know that by “You BREAK the COMMAND of God for the sake of your TRADITION” means:

1.Jesus was rebuking them for their position on ONLY ONE of the 2 laws(“honor parents”).

2.Because Jesus HIMSELF explains what he meant:


“But you SAY that if a man says to his father or mother, ‘WHATEVER HELP you might otherwise have received from me is a gift(Note:money) devoted to God(NOTE:to go to the TEMPLE),’he is NOT to ‘honor his father’ with it.”


In his OWN explanation of what law he was rebuking them for he ONLY mentions Mosaic law “honor your parents”.He nowhere says “honor your parents” and “death for those who curse parents”.Jesus approved of the Pharisee position of the non-application of the death penalty as I showed in my first article.If not he would have said:

“But you say that if a man says to his father or mother, ‘Whatever help you might otherwise have received from me is a gift devoted to God,’he is not to ‘honor his father’ with it AND YOU SAY not to kill those who curse their parents.”


Jesus in his speech was very expressive.He mentioned it to emphasize his POINT(breaking of law to honor parents,which is not a death penalty one):

“You,Pharisees,by X TRADITION are making others dishonor parents by NOT helping them,which breaks Mosaic law.
Oh Pharisees don’t you know Mosaic law says “death to he who curses them”?You,Pharisees,with X tradition are TELLING others to CURSE their parents by saying they will NOT help them with MONEY at all,it ALL goes to the Temple.”


That’s why he mentioned the 2nd law.MATT 23:2-3 shows he APPROVED of their interpretation/ application of MOSAIC law.It shows Jesus approved of them saying:”Do NOT apply the death penalty for cursing parents.”
MATT 15:1-9 is different,here he:

1. DISAPPROVES of their non-Mosaic tradition of NOT helping parents if the MONEY that should be for them instead goes to the TEMPLE.

2.By NOT helping them financially with X tradition they are CURSING them.

3.By CURSING them they are DISHONORING them.

4.They,the Pharisees,with X tradition,are the CAUSE of the cursing and dishonor of parents.They have responsibility,and THEY deserve DEATH,since the death penalty for those who “cursed their parents”is NOT the FAULT of those Jews who obey the Pharisees but the Pharisees themselves by convincing them to follow X TRADITION.See my point?


“Thus you NULLIFY the word of God for the sake of your TRADITION.”

2 Great Books

MARK GABRIEL is an ex-Muslim,now Christian.He was a professor at Al-Azhar University,Cairo,the most prestigious in the Muslim world.He has written:

Coffee with the Prophet

About a Muslim student who is beginning to lose his faith,goes to Mecca on a pilgrimage,meets a man called SHEIKH AHMED in a cafe,who turns out to be MOHAMMED himself.


Journey into the Mind of an Islamic Terrorist

Unique book,fascinating.The first and only book that gives the LOGIC and ARGUMENTS that are used to REALLY CONVINCE young Muslims to kill and blow themselves up.When MARK GABRIEL was a DEVOUT Muslim he heard them and was NOT convinced but his best friend Kamal was.He became a killer.Later he was captured,tortured and released.In the end Kamal became a Christian and was executed in Saudi Arabia.


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Sharing Caring Sharia

The Indonesian state is founded on the doctrine of Pancasila, which includes belief in one God and a commitment to national unity. Every citizen is obliged to follow one of five faiths. For many decades this ideology helped to promote stability, harmony and equality between different religious communities, including Christians and Muslims.

But the 1980s saw the beginnings of Islamisation, and the economic crisis of the late 1990s precipitated serious violence by Islamic extremists against Christians, including in some areas a full-scale campaign of ethnic cleansing. In Central Sulawesi and the Maluku Islands hundreds of churches and thousands of homes were destroyed; according to some estimates 30,000 Christians were killed and about half a million driven out.

Conditions for Christians in these areas have eased, but they remain under pressure in the many places where there are Muslim majorities. The long-term goal of the extremists is to bring the whole of Indonesia under the rule of shari‘a law, and following a prolonged Islamist insurgency the territory of Aceh has already achieved a measure of autonomy from the national government and has introduced elements of shari‘a. In Papua the army has burned a number of Christian villages and killed their inhabitants, and in a policy called “transmigration”, Javanese Muslims have been encouraged to settle in the western part of the province, which is now a Muslim-majority area and is to be granted special autonomy. The same policy is now being applied to the Malukus.

According to official figures, Christians are now over 10% of the Indonesian population of nearly 240 million, though the churches believe that the real proportion may be significantly higher. But the country also has the world’s largest Muslim population.


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