Daily Archives: May 2, 2010

Notice Board

With the many various happenings around the world, i thought it may be a good idea to open up a notice board. This  will give opportunites to comment on matters that may not require a whole section of itself. With updates on laws being passed that impact the Church worldwide, or encounters with those from different religious or non- religious backgrounds.  Here you can expand on a post that may have been too long as a main header, or too short to warrant a thread by itself, or perhaps would be ‘off-point’ but is worth notifying others about.

With the on-set of summer approaching (for some), the Mormons and Muslims etc will be out spreading their messages, this is the place where you can have your say on what effect their ‘da’wa’ is having. What are those news items that never seem to make headline coverage but are important enough for us to know about? Welcome to the notice board where you can highlight these things.


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