100% Proof Tariq Ramadan,Muslim Intellectual Leader,is a False Defender of Human Rights

The PROBLEM with the Muslim intellectual leaders in the West.Tariq Ramadan is the most famous Muslim intellectual in the WEST,the leader of the new generation.He has quite a number of times in his books CONDEMNED the MUSLIM TERRORISTS.I have read it.In that he is similar to MAGDI ALLAM.


Magdi Allam

He was a Muslim intellectual,not religious,from Egypt,who worked for one of the best Italian journals and offers similarities with TARIQ RAMADAN.They BOTH condemn the terrorists:Hizbullah,Hamas,Al-Qaida,Taliban.

Later in 2008 he became a Christian and was publicly baptized by the Pope.He wrote:“My Conversion.”


Magdi Allam wrote alot against them while he was a Muslim,unlike Ramadan:

1.Jihad in Italy:a Journey through Radical Islam(2002)

2.Kamikaze made in Europe:Will the West defeat Islamic Terrorists?(2004)

3.Conquering Fear:My Life against Islamic Terrorism and Western Unconsciousness(2005)

4.I love Israel,but do Italians love her?(2006)

5.Long live Israel(2007)

Because of that he has security protection since he has received death threats.

The Ramadan Case

He has been accused for quite some time by Caroline Fourest (French feminist and journalist, in her book Brother Tariq) and also by Magdi Allam of not being sincere,of really being in favor of the terrorists.


Recently,in 2009,Ramadan was fired from Erasmus University in Holland because he had for a considerable time also been WORKING for an IRANIAN STATE TV STATION.It was financed by the GOVERNMENT OF IRAN.

He had a WEEKLY show there where he spoke about Islam called “Islam and Life”.He was also fired from his post as “advisor on integration”by the city of Rotterdam because of it.He called it “a NAIVE and SIMPLISTIC” decision.


Ok,now,Ramadam condemns the terrorists yet works for a government that:

1.Finances the Shiah terrorist group Hezbullah that kills innocent people.

2.That violates human rights in Iran daily.

3.That punishes apostasy from Islam by death.

4.Persecutes and kills the BAHAIS,a very peaceful group,for no reason.

5.Whose leader Ahmadinejad is a fanatical judeophobe.

An Imaginary Situation

Ramadan says he is against racism.Suppose we still:

1.Had APARTHEID in South Africa?

2.Would Ramadan ACCEPT to work for a SOUTH AFRICAN STATE TV STATION that violates human rights and practices racism?I don’t think so.

Another Imaginary Situation

He considers:

1.The Israeli government to be EVIL for X reasons.

2.Would he ACCEPT working for an ISRAELI STATE TV STATION?No.

It is obvious by his action that he secretly agrees with the terrorists.


No,I really don’t think so.He and Caroline Fourest were right about him.And Ramadan is considered a “moderate” but it is not true.

Great Debate by David Wood vs Ali Ataie

It is on “Who was Muhammed?”

His blog is:


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