Petition the EU to remove VAT on silver bullion #2


As I posted before, there will soon be a dedicated web site where you can post your “citizen of the EU petition” to remove VAT from silver bullion coins and bars. I posted my petition today and to save you time why not copy and paste my petition below into the relevant boxes on the EU web site:

Title of your petition: Remove VAT on Physical Investment Silver Bullion

Text of your petition: I petition the EU parliament to remove VAT, throughout the EU, on physical investment silver bullion bars and coins bought for investment and a hedge against inflation. To bring physical investment silver bullion into the same VAT free status as investment gold / savings accounts / ISA’s / bonds / stocks and all other monetary investment vehicles.

You will have to give your name and address to the EU, but you can tick the box saying no to consenting to your name being put on the public register.

The EU form can be found HERE

Now if enough of us begin to nag the EU to change what is an unjust tax……

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