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Petition the EU to remove VAT on silver bullion #3

Why the VAT on silver in Europe does affect the rest of the world including America.   The European union boasts 495 million people, the third most populated place after India and China.
With such a strong hold on the silver through VAT it causes people not to consider silver as an investment.  The world is effected by this suppression, even oppression.  Break the VAT on silver in the EU and you will see a change over the whole earth.  We are calling all silver bugs and gold bugs to join us in fighting at the fore front of this battle.  Spread the word, we expect to see a wall to fall.

500g umicore silver bullion bar

We have joined forces with www.goldandsilversummit.com to petition the EU to remove VAT on silver.  Visit us at www.silverpetition.com and have your say.
There are two petitions, one for EU members and the other for the rest of the world.  If you are not an EU member we urge you to show your support by signing the “rest of the world” petition.

“Think like kings not like slaves”.

check our website http://www.wyargent.com/

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