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Surely, there is a way

I find that all these websites on personal development, self-improvement, motivation, have one thing in common, at the center is the ego, in fact, the exaltation of the ego. What they offer seems attractive at first, but in the end is dangerous, and even destructive. Let me explain.
You find at the core of the belief-system that supports these types of teachings a dangerous ideology. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a better person, to improve your performance, to generally be a happier, healthier and more fulfilled person. Unfortunately, too often these ideals are presented in a way that is so centered on self-fulfillment and self-satisfaction that it is somewhat damaging to us and to others.
Nothing new under the sun, as these so-called New Age teachings are not new at all but find their roots in ancient philosophies and paganism. Buddhism, Zen are at the basis of this movement that is better known under the term New-Age. In a nutshell, they shift the focus from the Creator to the Creature. Since there is no Personal Infinite God, I am free to worship the elements, or the created order. Sun worship or this recent exaltation of Nature are linked in a sense. I become part of this creation with which I can connect. There is a spirituality that lies on how to tap into these infinite sources of energy. The bottom line here is : what can I get for my life? What is there for me? Being in tune with “Mother Nature”, or learning or to tap into fields of “energy” to increase my power and influence over others, these are recurrent themes that you’ll find on these websites.
What it really means is this : how can I become more powerful, more successful, how can I dominate others, or can I become my own God? There is no God, they say in their hearts, or rather, I am God, I am my own God.
It is the age-old lie of the serpent of old : “you will be like God, you eyes shall be opened.”
Genesis 3.4 But the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die. 5 For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”
It’s an old lie and yet we still believe it. Like Gods! Able to become what we always wanted to be. We will have knowledge, we will be “enlightened”, we will have wisdom, power, authority. But seriously, who would trust a snake? Are we ignorant of his schemes? The snake cannot and will not be our friend, sooner or later it will bite, and the terrible effects of its venom will be felt. We’ll pay the price for allowing the snake to stay a little bit too close; really we should have crushed its head, but its voice was so seductive, so hypnotic, and it stirred up all these desires in us that we waiting to be awakened.
And yet we still have this burning desire on the inside. Surely, there must be more than this, more to life than the mundane, the material and natural realm. There is a craving inside of us for a deeper spiritual fulfillment, a desire for eternity placed within us. How to find a way out? Who would deliver of this wretched body of mine? Outside I’m decaying but inside something is alive that doesn’t want to die. Eternity! There must be something behind the veil, surely there is a way.
We’ll explore these possibilities in this blog and will offer an alternative voice to these empty claims. There is a way. Follow us on our journey.

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