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A new voice is rising

A new voice is rising in this nation and it must be heard! When everything you read online or in the papers is diluted, distorted, there is a need for a new radical 

 tone.That’s right, no political correctness here, just the truth.We won’t let the racists and the fascists have the monopoly of subversion. They might ask the right questions but they have the wrong answers.Let’s not either become hypocrits and compromise. If we offend, good. It’s good to be offended. Be offended, it’s healthy.It’s time to wake up and initiate the debate.This blog is a voice that wants to be heard amongst all the empty claims we hear in our western societies. the style might be a bit clumsy, but the truth will be spoken.We’ll discuss issues such as faith and society. The author is a christian, whether he’s an evangelical or a pentecostal what really matters in the end is not what is on the label, but what’s in the bottle. For some my words will be like vitriol, for others as sweet as honey. Let us confront the prejudices, the narrow-mindedness and strike where it hurts.You want to be controversial? But what you do is conforming. I suggest a reformation, a revolution that needs to operate within you, within your mind, within your hearts. we won’t try to shock you just for the sake of it, or to upset you, what we want is to make you think, or rather rethink.

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