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How to control your thoughts


It is a fact, it all starts in your mind. You wake up in the morning, tired, you’d rather stay in bed, and a heavy weight is upon you. A strange feeling of sadness, but you do not understand why you feel this way. Suddenly this dark cloud overshadows your thoughts and the darkness thickens. You feel lonely and empty. Even finding the strength to carry on seems overwhelming. And yet you do it, you get up, get ready for work, take the bus, the train, grab a coffee and a newspaper on your way to the office and gradually, the malaise vanishes, or rather fades away into the background. Workmates, friends, acquaintances, being socially acceptable seem to ease the pain and chatting away gives a momentary relief. But it is when you less expect it that a thought comes to your mind and stabs you in the heart. Suddenly you feel bad again, robbed from your happiness, and you cannot do anything. You seem to be controlled by your thoughts and your emotions.

Today I would like to spend a bit of time talking about the fact that we have the capacity to control our thoughts rather than being controlled by them. We are what we think. The thought patterns we entertain in our mind end up directing our life. You would know the old saying, that “a thought reaps an action, an action reaps a habit, a habit reaps your character and your character reaps your destiny”. What you will become starts with what you think. Think negatively and you can be sure that you will see a negative outcome in your life. But thank God, the opposite is true and I invite you to take this step today. Set in motion the course of your life by what you think. If you don’t understand this, you will allow circumstances to direct your life. You have to learn to rise above your circumstances. Not only to keep your head above water and barely make it, but to walk on water and overcome every obstacle, this is the abundant, the fruitful life! Do you want it ? Start changing the way you think, and do it today ! It takes 30 seconds to make an adjustement. Decide to change today and you will take the necessary steps to make it happen. If you just go with the flow, you are heading towards a big disaster, it’s time to take control of your life!

Your mind is a real battlefield, there is a war going on inside of you. What side will you be on? If you entertain negativity, it is likely that it will win the battle of your mind. No, you are in control and it should not happen. Often we conform to the thought patterns that we inherited from our parents, many will argue that we are the product of our upbringing, our education. There are also all the wounds and the pain that life may bring, these too have a direct influence on how we think and what we think. Words spoken against us, by our family, our teachers, people we grew up with, these words have acted like seeds germinating in us; fully grown they produce a bitter fruit in us. Well, it’s time to uproot this bad tree, it’s time to plow the land of your mind and to sow good seeds, that will produce good fruit, and it’s not too late for that!    

It is essential to understand how you see yourself. Many people suffer from low self-esteem because of painful experiences such as rejection or abuse. But most of the time we don’t even know why we form these negative thoughts. The reason why we fail to identify the origin of negative behavior or negative thinking is that most of the time this origin is spiritual.

First of all, I would like to clarify one thing. The symptoms we have mentioned above like sadness, depression, low self-esteem, result from a disease of the soul. Until the soul is restored, there is no hope of complete healing. I will therefore speak here at two different levels. I will address the regenerated man as well as the unregenerated one. Let me explain. There is a spiritual principle that needs to be understood. The world we live in is a broken and fallen world. It does not function the way it should. It is broken, it has lost its integrity, it is corrupted. It is the spiritual principle of the Fall we are talking about. In the beginning everything was good and in tune with the divine. Man and woman lived together in harmony between themselves and with the divinity. They where whole, complete, spiritually, emotionally and physically. It is after breaking this spiritual principle that they have fallen and taken with them the rest of the created order. The relationship has been broken, a gap has been created between mankind and the divine being. By losing our connection with the spiritual realm we also have lost touch with ourselves. We cannot connect with our emotions the way we want to. That is why even before thinking of learning how to deal with your thoughts and emotions you have to realign yourself with the spiritual reality, there is no other way. It is time to understand that the invisible, the spiritual realm, is in fact more real than the world we can see and touch. Furthermore, it is at the root of everything. So if you want to live a victorious life, you’d better start living your life acknowledging this reality.

Once reconciled with God, man can be fulfilled and be free to be everything he dreamed he could be. Now it is possible to live in a new freedom, the chains are broken, but he needs to learn how to walk in this new freedom. Perhaps are you in the same situation. You have experienced the new birth, you have been set free, received a new spirit and yet you are still living in bondage, prisoner of your fears, taken as hostage by your thoughts.

It is time to replace these old forms of thinking with new ones, to renew your mind. Stop considering yourself a failure, stop thinking that if it did not work in the past it will never work for you. Do not dwell in the past, there is something new ahead of you! The past can no longer dictate you what to do or what to think. The old has gone and the new has come, all things have become new!

You have to start shifting the focus from your perspective to God’s perspective. You have to see yourself the way he sees you. And it is, like his child. You are loved, accepted, forgiven and you have received favor. The “reality” of your circumstances seem to say otherwise, but it is because your present circumstances are the result of the thoughts you have been thinking up to this point. Change the way you think and you will see that the world around you will change too.

It is time to start scanning your thoughts, not to allow anything negative or destructive to dictate you. It is time to say “Stop! I don’t want to think like that anymore!” and to replace this “stinking thinking” with new pure, positive, constructive thoughts.

It is all by Grace and if you are not yet a child of God I would encourage you to take a step of faith towards him. If you focus on how big he is you will soon find out that your problems are not so impossible to overcome.

May you find in Jesus this hope. He is the only one who promises a water that truly quenches your thirst, the living water. You can only go so far trying to achieve these things yourself, but it is only with the help of the Holy Spirit you will truly experience freedom and fullness of life. If you are searching, I would say to you, stop searching, the answer is yes and the time is now. He is the way, the truth and the life. Make a step of faith and get to know him today.


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Le mythe d'une vie équilibrée

Comment trouver l’équilibre entre sa vie, sa famille, son ministère, son travail.
La réponse est très simple, ne vivez pas une vie équilibrée.
Une vie équilibrée est impossible et non-biblique.
Jésus ne nous a pas appelés à vivre une vie équilibrée, il nous a appelés à le suivre. Une vie équilibrée est une vie rétrogradée.
Alors que nous suivons Jésus, nous nous heurterons à des obstacles qui compromettront grandement cette notion d’équilibre. Il y aura des saisons de ministère intense, ou même des tempêtes dans nos vies, suivies par des périodes de calme et de repos. Mais vouloir obtenir l’équilibre parfait à tout instant c’est poursuivre une idole, et pour tout dire, cela vous rendra fou. La vie est telle qu’elle nous emporte parfois dans ses tourbillons, dans ses tumultes, mais l’important dans tout cela c’est que notre âme soit attachée solidement à son ancre, pour ne pas sombrer, et cette ancre, c’est Jésus.
Ce que Jésus nous dit c’est de construire notre vie sur sa fondation, sur le roc, Christ. Alors que nous construisons sur le sable notre demeure semble identique à celle bâtie sur le roc, mais quand la tempête arrive, elle s’écroule avec fracas. Jésus nous dit aussi que quiconque aime sa vie la perdra, mais quiconque est prêt à la perdre la gagnera. Etre un disciple de Jésus, c’est mourir chaque jour. Mais après la mort il y a résurrection, et l’on se rend compte que ces choses que l’on chérissait tant et avait peur de perdre n’étaient en fait que des idoles. Poursuivre le mythe de l’équilibre dans la vie c’est poursuivre une idole. Ce qui compte c’est l’intimité avec Jésus, et non pas combien d’heures nous dormons ou la question de savoir si nous nous surmenons ou nous investissons trop d’énergie à servir le Royaume de Dieu. Nous sommes pèlerins sur cette Terre, notre citoyenneté n’est pas de ce monde, mais elle est céleste. Le but de la vie n’est pas une “vie meilleure », mais de faire la volonté du Seigneur. C’est seulement en nous délectant dans la présence de Dieu et en lui rendant gloire que nous ferons l’expérience de la joie profonde et d’une satisfaction réelle.
En attendant, sur cette Terre, et tant que nous vivrons nous aurons des difficultés, des problèmes. Certains mariages se briseront, certaines relations deviendront distantes, nos enfants ne seront pas toujours à la hauteur de nos attentes, il y aura des maladies, du stress, des pressions. A plusieurs reprises nous échouerons, seront déçus, blessés, nous nous décevrons même nous-mêmes lorsque nous pécherons et blesserons notre Père par nos actions. Parfois nous penserons que tout est perdu, nous nous éloignerons du Seigneur. Parfois nous perdrons notre foi en nous-mêmes, et notre Foi en lui. Nous penserons qu’il est trop tard, qu’on est allé trop loin, qu’on a usé toutes ses cartouches. Mais au bout du compte, ce que l’on trouvera, encore et encore, c’est sa grâce, son pardon, son Amour, sa puissance, et la joie du Seigneur nous reviendra, nous serons comme purifiés, régénérés, nous serons victorieux.
Souvenez vous, peu importe combien de fois vous trébuchez, combien de fois vous vous écroulez au sol sans force et rempli de sentiments de honte, de défaite et de culpabilité, sa grâce est tout ce qu’il vous faut, et elle abonde dans sa présence. Souvenez vous, peu importe combien vous vous sentez loin de lui, vous êtes toujours bienvenu dans la présence de Dieu, il est Amour.


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