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Petition the EU to remove VAT on silver bullion #3

Why the VAT on silver in Europe does affect the rest of the world including America.   The European union boasts 495 million people, the third most populated place after India and China.
With such a strong hold on the silver through VAT it causes people not to consider silver as an investment.  The world is effected by this suppression, even oppression.  Break the VAT on silver in the EU and you will see a change over the whole earth.  We are calling all silver bugs and gold bugs to join us in fighting at the fore front of this battle.  Spread the word, we expect to see a wall to fall.

500g umicore silver bullion bar

We have joined forces with www.goldandsilversummit.com to petition the EU to remove VAT on silver.  Visit us at www.silverpetition.com and have your say.
There are two petitions, one for EU members and the other for the rest of the world.  If you are not an EU member we urge you to show your support by signing the “rest of the world” petition.

“Think like kings not like slaves”.

check our website http://www.wyargent.com/

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Petition the EU to remove VAT on silver bullion #2


As I posted before, there will soon be a dedicated web site where you can post your “citizen of the EU petition” to remove VAT from silver bullion coins and bars. I posted my petition today and to save you time why not copy and paste my petition below into the relevant boxes on the EU web site:

Title of your petition: Remove VAT on Physical Investment Silver Bullion

Text of your petition: I petition the EU parliament to remove VAT, throughout the EU, on physical investment silver bullion bars and coins bought for investment and a hedge against inflation. To bring physical investment silver bullion into the same VAT free status as investment gold / savings accounts / ISA’s / bonds / stocks and all other monetary investment vehicles.

You will have to give your name and address to the EU, but you can tick the box saying no to consenting to your name being put on the public register.

The EU form can be found HERE

Now if enough of us begin to nag the EU to change what is an unjust tax……

Visit our website http://www.wyargent.com/

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Petition the EU to remove VAT on silver bullion


Recently an electronic petition to remove VAT from silver was submitted to No 10 by a Lyn Nash, you can see it HERE: However it did not gain much momentum, (I think during the general election petitions were closed), and was only supported by about 27 signatures. The other problem with petitions to No10 is that, as I have mentioned in an earlier post, since 1973 our government does not have the power to extend the zero rate of VAT to new categories, such a decision would have to come from the EU parliament. (It was in fact an EU decision that instructed the UK to remove VAT on investment gold in 1999, which also coincides with the start of this current bull market in gold). We at WY Argent along with the organizers of the Gold & Silver Summit are about to launch a Europe wide petition to remove VAT from investment silver, which will certainly be a David and Goliath situation, I seem to remember however that David won that battle, so we must not shrink back.

We will post more info about where this mass petition can be found shortly, but in the mean time individual citizens of the EU can submit an individual petition to the EU HERE, if enough people begin to do this as well, maybe with our nagging we can change the mind of the EU and get some justice on our money, just like the widow in Luke 18: 1-6, when she nagged the unjust judge to get justice and got it purely through her nagging! Not because the judge had a change of heart!


Visit our website http://www.wyargent.com/

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Tax .925 silver but not 999 silver bullion bars and coins

The Silver Rose

Why should fine silver bullion even have VAT? Why not go down the same path of taxing the less pure just like it is on 22 carat gold (apart from Krugerrands and sovereigns). There should be an allowance for fine silver bars and coins and a tax on the 925 silver, that seems more reasonable. If the silver was going to be used other than an investment, well then that company should declare how much silver they have bought. it would not even matter because they would be able to claim the tax back and include it in the product. And in all fairness the mass producers of electronics, photography or even jewellery are not even carried out in this country so how is the tax justified?

999 silver is mainly used for investment purposes it should have the same standing as gold, since, even the world bullion masters (LBMA) recognize it as bullion, in fact, I never see platinum fixed twice daily! why is this? is it because silver is money? and platinum is not? interesting wouldn’t you agree? that the only fixes the LBMA are interested in are the gold and silver fix.

Maybe this could be a petition to only tax 925 silver.

Visit our website http://www.wyargent.com/

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VAT on Silver in UK

silver bullion bars

Yes the VAT on investment silver is a problem in Europe, and sadly the UK government is NOT ALLOWED (!!) to extend the zero rates or introduce new zero rates! And this has been the case since power to govern the country began to be handed over to the Roman, sorry European empire from 1973 onwards.
However it is worse than described here because the VAT on silver is NOT equal across Europe nor is it equal within the UK! In Germany legal tender silver bullion coins such as American Eagles get charged at less than half the German VAT rate 7% instead of 19%.
And if you are a member of the VERY EXCLUSIVE LBMA you can enjoy buying and selling silver at 0% (YES ZERO % !!) VAT.
Alas for the rest of us surfs in the UK we have to cough up 17.5% extra on our investment as a thank you to the Nice Government Men for being, well Nice Government Men.
So if you buy an ounce of physical silver today at £11.42 in the form of one of our Silver Roses + our mark up + manufacture + government mark up, means your ounce will cost £16.52 – 44.66% over metal price. (Though buying larger amounts will reduce the mark up and bars are cheaper)
So silver is definitely a longer term investment

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