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Why Christians have to say the Quran is corrupt.

La Croix et le Croissant

La Croix et le Croissant

Islam insists the God of the Bible and Allah are the same God, S:29.46. Yet how is it Muslim’s are encouraged not to keep Jews and Christians as friends, and are even told to fight against them? The God of the Bible does not tell people to spread the Word with a sword!

Abraham’s father is wrongly called Azar in S:6.74, contradicting the revelation centuries before, Genesis 11.26.

If Allah were God and knew ‘all thing’s,’ S:33.40, how did Allah not know this?

That black stone Muslims risk life and limb to kiss on pilgrimage would be considered idolatry in the Bible.

In S:4.34 Allah say’s men excel women, and that they are allowed to beat them. This may glorify Allah but not God!

Talmudic and Apocryphal writings appear in a so-called holy book that were never accepted as divine authority.

On what basis then must any non-Muslim accept the Coran as revelation from God?


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